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Independence Day 2018

For the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Independence Day, on the 22nd of November 2018, a delegation of the graphic designer’s and journalists’ syndicate, have visited the presidential palace, to congratulate the three presidents: president of the republic Gen. Michael Aoun, Nabih Berri, and Saad El-Harriri, on the mentioned occasion. The delegation was headed by the new president of the union Ali Kamal Al-Dine, and the membership of Ernest Baaklini, Naser Kawass, Nisrine Al-Amine, Rihab Zobian, Carine Shrim, Vincent El-Khoury, Joseph El-Hajj Assaf, and Bruno Khater.      

LGDS: 00961 71 991 399
Ali Kamalddine: 00961 3 801 526
Ernest Baaklini: 00961 3 545 950