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Patrick Nacouzi is re-elected as President of the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate

The Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate held its general assembly to elect 5 members for the board of the Syndicate to replace the old members. The meeting took place in the headquarters of the Syndicate of Editors in Hazmieh, in the presence of the representative from the Ministry of Labor Nabil Esper. The winners by a unanimous decision were Patrick Nacouzi, Rihab Zebian, Elena Al Khawand, Hisham Al Natour and Carine Shreim.

Afterwards the board of the Syndicate held a meeting for all its members and the positions were distributed as below:

Patrick Joseph Nacouzi as President, Ali Mohammad Kamal Eddine as Vice President, Ernest Francis Baaklini as Secretary, Fadi Massoud Khattar as Cashier, Naser Faysal Kawwas as Media Advisor, Maria Hosep Dermosessian as Secretary of Foreign Relations, Elena Youssef Al Khawand as Secretary of Public Relations, Rihab Issam Zebian as Coordinator for Universities, and finally Hisham Salim Al Natour and Carine Ali Shreim as Counselors.

The board also elected Nisrine Al Amine as Master of Ceremonies and Joseph Assaf as Production Manager.

LGDS: 00961 71 991 399
Patrick Nacouzi: 00961 3 453 260
Ernest Baaklini: 00961 3 545 950