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LGDS seminar at LIU university

A delegation from the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate including the president Patrick Nacouzi and the board members Naser Kawas, Rihab Zebian and Maria Dermossessian, delivered a lecture under the invitation of LIU University in Beirut about the syndicate, its history and especially its future role, before the Graphic Design university students, where the speech of president Nacouzi was very influential and the students asked questions about the syndicate in particular, and about the profession in general, and the interventions of colleagues Kawas, Zebian and Dermossessian focused on the future role of the profession.

The lecture was supported  by the university professor Hassan Choubassi.

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Patrick Nacouzi: 00961 3 453 260
Ernest Baaklini: 00961 3 545 950