Ali Kamal Eddine President for the Syndicate “Art Directors and Graphic Designers”

The Syndicate of "Art Directors and Graphic Designers" held its general assembly at the Syndicate of Editors' House to elect 12 new members for the board of the syndicate. The assembly took place in the presence of Nabil Esper, representative of the Ministry of Labor.

The electoral process began at 9:00 am and continued until 2:00 pm during which the quorum of the assembly was completed and the winning results came by acclamation as follows:
Ali Mohammad Kamal Eddine, Ernest Baaklini, Patrick Joseph Nacouzi, Fady Massoud Khattar, Naser Faysal Kawass, Hisham Salim Natour, Heba Elias Al Kallas, Rihab Issam Zebian, Nisrine Hassan El Amine, Karine Ali Shraim, Rasha Jihad Al Shoufi, Vincent Sami El-Khoury.

As soon as the electoral process was completed, the new board held a meeting in order to elect a new president and it was chaired by the oldest member and former President of the syndicate Ernest Baaklini. The presidency was won by Ali Muhammad Kamal Eddine, afterward the new president chaired the meeting and distributed the positions and tasks, and the results were as follows:

Ali Kamal Eddine: President of the Syndicate.

Patrick Joseph Nacouzi: Vice President.

Ernest Francis Baaklini: Secretary.

Fady Massoud Khattar: Cashier.

Naser Faysal Kallas: Media Advisor.

Heba Elias Kawas: Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Rasha Jihad Al Shoufi: Secretary of Public Affairs.

Rihab Issam Zebian: University Affairs Coordinator.

Hisham Salim Natour: Social Media Manager.

Karine Ali Shraim: Secretary of Sport and Youth Activity.

Vincent Sami El-Khoury: Creative Director.

Nisrine Hassan El Amine: Supervising Manager.

In addition, members Joseph hajj Assaf and Bruno Khattar were appointed respectively the titles of Production Manager and Responsible for Environmental Activities.
Then former president Patrick Nacouzi delivered a speech in which he praised the efforts of the colleagues who accompanied him throughout his presidency and thanked them for the important achievements and projects accomplished by the syndicate during his presidency. He also expressed his appreciation for the efforts of his colleagues, the former presidents of the syndicate who have been given credit for bringing the syndicate to its present state.

After that, the new president Ali Kamal Eddine delivered a speech in which he called for joint efforts in order to continue the progress of the colleagues who preceded him at the presidency of this syndicate. Moreover, he launched a number of projects that he intends to implement, and one of them was working hard to buy a headquarters for the syndicate, which is the main goal to be worked on in future endeavors.

LGDS: 00961 71 991 399
Ali Kamalddine: 00961 3 801 526
Ernest Baaklini: 00961 3 545 950