The Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate held its annual honoring ceremony

The Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate held its annual honoring ceremony for the fourth year in order to honor veteran professionals in the field of Graphic Design, it was under the patronage of the Minister of Information His Excellency Melhem Riachy who was represented by the Director General of the Ministry of Information Dr. Hassan Falha. The ceremony took place at the Conference Palace Hall Dbayeh in the presence of many political and military figures as well as civilians who were interested. Vice President Ali Kamal Al Din and Mr. Zuhair Al-Debs presented the honorees to the Secretary of the syndicate and its former President Mr. Ernest Baaklini.


After reciting the national anthem and displaying a video about the founding of the syndicate and its evolution, Mr. Baaklini welcomed the attendees: “In 2008 I was honored to be the President of this syndicate that groups some of the finest young Lebanese designers who are educated, cultured and well aware of the worth of this syndicate. We shared together the bitter and the sweet, and we promised to work as one hand in order to build a modern and developed syndicate that will reach all its objectives. We have dreamt of an active and successful syndicate in the Lebanese society and we have achieved this dream, we are against half-solutions, we have dreamt and achieved our dreams despite all the difficulties and obstacles that were ahead of us.”


Then was the speech of President Patrick Nakouzi, who said: “Hours, days and even years of our lives pass, and life is in constant progress except in our beloved country, everything is still the same».

He added: “We gathered two years ago and honored colleagues who are passionate about this profession that is based on taste, personal touch, and artistic creativity but instead of remaining steadfast, the situation became worse just like it is for all syndicates and professions in Lebanon, despite all the warnings that we presented to the highest official authorities ».

He also revealed: “This vital sector suffers from many issues, but unfortunately it is all falling on deaf ears” he added: “Many of our colleagues struggle from the hardships of life as a result of delayed salaries, or rather that their incomes are being ignored by the employers. This happens for months and sometimes years, but their love and passion for their profession pushes them to keep working without getting paid. That’s what passion and commitment are my dear sirs.”

To conclude, he thanked Minister Riachy for sponsoring the event.


The Director General of the Ministry of Information Dr. Falha said: “His Excellency the Minister of Information gave me the honor to represent him in this respectable ceremony, which is under his patronage as well as the work of this syndicate. I would like to say a brief and simple word about the syndicate: “First, I am proud of the loyalty shown by the President and all the graphic designers, and I am also proud of the rotation that happens on the administrative level in the syndicate and of everyone who works within the framework of this syndicate.”

He added: “I recall back in 2008 when my friend and colleague Mr. Ernest Baaklini came to visit me and proposed the idea of a Graphic Design Syndicate, they were always working in the shadow, the shadow that produces light and highlights the culture in what we read and see. The eye falls in love and we read what we desire. But there are those who work silently in the shadow of those who appear in the light.”

He continued: “If we want to preserve our history, we must look into our future and not accept our current situation. The first essential condition we need is comprehensive legal legislation on the subject of media, starting with employees, all employees. It is even possible to have a union for syndicates that helps solidify them instead of cancel them, we must preserve the positive aspects we have, and we must strive to have goals to aspire to in the future.”

Then, the honorary awards were distributed for Mr. Rafiq Abdul Jalil Al Haj from “Al Sharek” newspaper, Ms. Therese Peter Saber from “L’orient le Jour” newspaper, Ms. Amal Mohsen Ftouni from “MFA of Multimedia and Animation”, Mr. Elias Nori Nahas from “Raidi Printing Press”, Mr. George Antoine Al Tabbal from “Saudi Research and Publishing Company”, Mr. Maurice Georges Fadel from “Arab Printing Press”, Mr. Akram Nazem Bazzi from the website “”, Mr. Maher Ibrahim Al Masri - freelancer, Mr. Yahya Ali Hamdan from “L’orient le Jour” newspaper, Ms. May Kamel Shreim from “Annahar” newspaper, Mr. Sami Bashir Saab the owner of “Phenomena” company, Ms. Rana Assem Salam the owner of “Rana Salam Studio”.

The celebration was concluded with a cocktail for everyone to share and enjoy.

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