The syndicate was founded in 1976 according to a resolution that was issued by the Minister of Labor Mr.Ghassan Tueini with the help of a number of veteran associates who worked in what was named Press Design. The first constitutive organization was formed of the associates: Joseph Naser, Michel Rihan, Dib Imad, Elie Mensa and Georges Berberi.

In 2003 a number of associates revived the syndicate under the name Lebanese Press Design Syndicate. Today due to the revolution of the technology that was introduced to the world of business in the last century we had to keep up with the era and improve the syndicate. The nature of the job has changed and branched therefore the name of the syndicate was modified again in order to keep pace with the new reality and it became the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate and that due to the resolution issued by the Ministry of Labor in 3 February 2011. This also opened the doors for the graduates to join the syndicate and offer it the necessary innovation and development.

The most significant deeds that happened in this period are what follow:

  1. The internal system of the syndicate was renewed and developed in conformity with the aspirations of the new generation, the educated, the intellectuals, and the graduates of universities and technical schools. The internal system was modified and the president of the syndicate who remained for 4 years was not granted the right to run for the same position again unless one whole electoral cycle of 4 years has passed, pursuant to the principle of the right of each member aspiring to become the president of the syndicate hence setting a good and serious example of the syndicate’s work.
  2. The syndicate was affiliated to ICOGRADA (International Council of Communication Design) that is based in Canada which made Lebanon the first and only member among the Arab countries and the Middle East to join this union.
  3. The syndicate launched the following social networking websites:

-Website: www.lgds.org.lb
-Facebook page: Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate. 

  1. The syndicate joined the National Social Security Fund after the need to assign a number of employees to pursue and keep an eye on the syndicate’s work.
  2. The cause of issuing the name of the graphic designer on the print or flyer and making it a mandatory clause in the new media law is being pursued and studied recently by the Media Parliamentary Committee as well as the concerned references, in accordance with the law of protecting the literary and intellectual property of the individuals working in this field.
  3. The Ministry of Media is making an annual contribution for the syndicate until it can afford its own headquarters.
  4. The syndicate is working with the Ministry of Education in order to cease granting random degrees for academic and technical schools that teach graphic arts after the decline in quality of the graduates of these schools and the many complaints in this regard.
  5. The attorney of the syndicate was assigned to take the necessary measurements for the purpose of transforming the syndicate into an order and presenting a draft law about this affair to the management of the committee and to the Parliament Justice Committee.
  6. The syndicate is studying the creation of a synergistic fund for the members.
  7. The syndicate organizes annual events to honor a number of veteran members who work in the field.
The syndicate is issuing a brochure for university students that introduces the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate and its activities.

LGDS: 00961 71 991 399
Ali Kamalddine: 00961 3 801 526
Ernest Baaklini: 00961 3 545 950